There are many factors affecting the RPM (Rate Per Thousand Impression) of a site. As a blogger, you must be aware of these if want want to increase your potential earnings.Paying attention to these three major factors will significantly change the RPM of you site/blog.

1. The targeted audience

This refers to the people who visit your site according to their interest, age, education, gender and location. Your targeted audience depends on your niche or types of content your site have. The narrower scope of your topic is, the more targeted your visitors are. Targeting a group of audience for your site may lessen the number of viewers but will increase you RPM, in the other hand, building a site with with range of topic may increase you viewers but will lessen your RPM.  

2. The Ad Unit Settings

This refers to the type, size and style of the ad unit you are using in you blog/site. There are many options to costumize your ad unit depending on the need, placement and template of the site.

3. The location of the ads

This refers to the placement of ad units in your site or blog, whether  before, after and center of a post or at the header, sidebar and footer of the site.

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