Most bloggers have ever wondered how to generate lot of dollars to their accounts from Google AdSense but dont really know how to go about it.

Floating AdSense and other Ads on Blogger sidebar

In this tutorial today, I will be showing you how to effectively add Google AdSense and other Ads to your blog sidebars [left and right] with just some snippet of codes.

Recommended Ad Size: 300px by 250px

How to Add Floating AdSense and other Ads on Blogger Sidebars
Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard and select your desired site for those that have more than one blog

Step 2: Navigate and find the "Layout" tab on the left side of your dashboard

Step 3: Click on "Add a Gadget" then allow the popup to load

Step 4: After loading, select "HTML/JavaScript"

Step 5: Copy all the below code and paste in the Second section of "HTML/JavaScript"

<style> #allbloggingmagads { height:30px; width:auto; background: #333333 url('..'); background-repeat:repeat-x; text-align:left; padding-top:4px; } #admitads{ height:600; margin:0auto; width:160px; background:#fff; border-bottom:2px #333333 solid; border-right:2px #333333 solid; border-left:2px #333333 solid; text-align:center; padding:4px; } #allbloggingmagadsunit{ opacity:1.0; height:auto; width:auto; position:fixed; top:65px; left:10px; border-bottom:1px #005094 solid; border-bottom:0px blue solid; color:#333; padding:0px; z-index:1001; font-size:13px;} </style> <script type="text/javascript"> function getValue() { document.getElementById("allbloggingmagadsunit").style.display = 'none'; } </script> <div id="allbloggingmagadsunit"> <div id="allbloggingmagads"> <span style="color:#fff;font-size:13px;font-weight:bold;text-shadow:black 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em"></span> <span style="color:#fff;font-size:13px;font-weight:bold;text-shadow:black 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;float:right;padding-top:3px;padding-right:10px"><a href="" target="_blank" onclick="getValue()">close(x)</a></span> </div> <div id="admitads"> <h3></h3> <p align="left"><h3></h3></p> <p> Insert Your Ads code here <br/></p></div></div>

Additional Customization
  • Replace "Insert Your Ads code here" with your AdSense or any other Ads code
  • To resize the width, change "160px" to increase or decrease
  • Change "Left" to "Right" if you want the Ads to display at the right bar

Thank you so much.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me via the comments section! Remember to share this tutorial with others on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.