The Newest crypto currency called the LCF Coin that will dominate the world just got launched in China and are giving away 1000 LCF worth $500 free to anyone who registers now before full launch. Just one day is left for this free gift. Now don't miss this. At least, you get in free and receive a free 1000 LCF coin worth $500. That's if you key in before the launch.

Do this now! Read down to see what you need to do.

LCF is a Cryptocurrency based in China. It is a global crypto currency initiated by the world's richest family, (The Rothschilds Family). This will fling into action immediately it is launched early 2017 and right now, they are giving away $500 worth of LCF coin as gift to those of us who are lucky to register with them before the full launch in 2017.

Free member subscription:

1. Get 1000 LCF coins (worth $500) for free only by registering during this promotion period .

2. Refer 20 persons and have total of 200 members in your team, you are paid 20,000 Coins (worth $10,000) - you become a Team Leader.

3. When you have 5 Team Leaders in your team, you are paid 100,000 LCF coins ($50,000) - become a City Leader.

4. When you have 5 City Leaders in your team, you are paid 500,000 LCF coins (worth $250,000) - you become a Provincial Leader.

5. When you have 5 Provincial Leaders in your team, you are paid 2,500,000 LCF coins (worth $1,250,000) and become a State Leader, which is the highest rank.

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