Hi guy's . In this today's article I will show you how to create a new post on blogger blogspot with Label. So, if you wanna know that then you have follow my article carefully below. I hope it will help you more if you have no idea.

The image you see above it is Blogger
Dashboard's post option. If you click New Post option you will see the Post Editor or post writing section body like the image below. And more function you will be understand by yourself.

The upper part of the picture above is that place for write Post Title. Here you have to write your blog's post title . Then two function Compose and HTML if you click on HTML Then will see all the HTML and Css codes in your blog post by clicking on the section that is referred to as Source Code. If you have no idea about HTML and Css, then there is no need to work on HTML part. As you can see in this section called Post, I wrote what I wanted to post. Here you can express your mind freely. It looks like MS Word. Using the menus here will help you better organize your post. You will understand this part yourself easily.

After write your content, you have to press on the Publish button for publish the content. you can see the image above. Before publishing the content, you have to must setup some things. For set up you have to click post seting function in right ber then you will able to see post setting.

  • Labels: You can add a name
  • to the content of your post label . It Will show all posts from the same Label that is same related.

  • Permalink: You can
  • write the post URL address as you wish. That is called castom URL setting. Everyone can find your post by this link.

  • Search Description:
  • This too is very important for search engine optimization. If you don't do this then no problem. There are also some more sections. that you are already understand by see tthose functions. That's why I did not discuss them here.

    I hope you are now understand that how to create a new post on blogger with a label name. Stay with me for next post about introduction blogspot blogger dashboard.