If you are looking for an easy way to earn money from online then the YouTube method will be easy for you with enough profitable. In this world there so many YouTuber available who are continue to with YouTube earning and you don't need any job if you are successful in YouTube Earning with enough amount for every per month. 

You can use your YouTube channel for business purpose as like advertisement or sponsor video you can earn money from YouTube channel and you can also earn from YouTube channel using Google AdSense on your video.

How to earn money from youtube channel 2021

Do have any idea to earn money from YouTube from your YouTube channel.  Now, are you thinking that how to earn money from YouTube channel and I have explained how to earn money from YouTube channel in 2021? 

It is an easy way to earn money from Youtube but if you don't know anything about this that it will be a problem for you. In this post, I will tell you everything about YouTubing as like how to start, what you need for this. so keep reading to know more about youtube earning in 2021.

Let's see what we will discuss in this article

  • How to earn money from Youtube?
  • How much amount you can earn from YouTube?
  • Why YouTube pay money?
  • How to withdraw money from youtube using Adsense?

Now  I will discuss all mentioned above about youtube. If you follow my article then you will succeed one day but if you do not follow and can not do what I suggest then it can be trouble for youtube. Most one thing that you have to stay with patience enough.

How To Earn Money From youtube?

The Only One way to earn money from youtube that is uploading your own video contents on your own youtube channel. Yes, you can earn from youtube by uploading own created video and it is not only 10tk 20 tk . You can earn 100$ to unlimited from youtube if you have good quality contents.

YouTube is a platform where you will get all type of video if you want to learn something. If you want to learn something then you will get a lot of tutorial videos from YouTube. If you want to pass your time you can continue with funny videos and for others, you will get also more videos from YouTube.

Are you thinking who upload videos? why upload videos on youtube? the answer is they are also human as we are and they upload then we can watch there. they are not wasting time to upload the video to youtube because there is a profit for upload video on youtube.

You cannot earn money from Youtube after upload video because there is a process to earn money from Youtube. The process name is YouTube monetization it is also called Google AdSense service. First of all, you have to apply Google AdSense for YouTube Channel.  If the Google AdSense approve your YouTube channel for monetization then you can earn money from Youtube video.

After Approved  YouTube channel for monetization, you can start advisement to your video. Google AdSense will show some advertisement to your video and Google AdSense approval add some funds to your Google AdSense account. You can withdraw that money from Google AdSense account to bank account. 
Let's see how to earn money from Youtube step by step.

 Learn how to earn money from Youtube step by step

This is a universal truth that you can earn money from Youtube by uploading video contents. It will be true when you will have strong dreams from the first time to work on YouTube.
You have to create a YouTube account then some setting you have to set your YouTube channel.  Now read below to know what we need to earn money from YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube channel

First of all, you have to create a YouTube channel for you where you can upload your own content video using your mobile or computer. Now you're thinking how to create a YouTube channel? This is a very simple way to create a YouTube channel for you.
You can create your YouTube channel from youtube.com. After going to youtube.com you have to login your Gmail account with your username and password.
If you don't have any Gmail account then you can create a Gmail account from gmail.com

How to create a youtube channel?

How to create a YouTube channel, first of all, you have to login your account with your password from youtube.com. After login youtube.com you will see an icon logo on your mobile or desktop right sidebar. You have to click the icon logo. After clicking the icon logo you will see creator studio or something like this. After logging there you will see channel dashboard tell something important information there.

Now we have to verify the YouTube channel. Verify YouTube channel you have to click on left sidebar then you will see e verify your channel. Lick their and verify with your phone number.

You want to create a different YouTube channel then you can also create with different name YouTube channel which is called brand account YouTube channel. 

Upload video to YouTube channel

After creating YouTube account you have a pro at your banner which is college YouTube cover photo and you can also upload YouTube channel profile picture.

After complete all necessary information function, you have to create a unique video with your mobile or PC. Some interesting video then you can more subscriber in a few days. and it will be a real video if you use copy video then your channel will be removed from YouTube for copyright Strike.

You can simply record your video then upload from your mobile to PC by upload function and write video title and description.

Apply for AdSense monetization

There are some terms and condition to apply AdSense monetization for YouTube channel. Which are 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber in one year. That means you have to achieve 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber in next 1 year. 

If you feel up all terms and condition then you can apply for YouTube monetization for advertisement. After approving your AdSense account for the advertisement you can turn on the advertisement to you every video.

How much money you can withdraw from YouTube?

You can earn money from Youtube unlimited there is no limit to earning money from Youtube. Before earn money from Youtube you have to grow your YouTube channel with good quality content with enough views and subscribers otherwise you can not monetize YouTube channel.

Calculation: We have already explained all the important information about online earned using YouTube channel. If you have still confusion or anything else then you can ask using our comment below. Back to you as soon as possible we can make with paper and suggestion