High PR Dofollow Directory Submission Sites can help in increasing the number of high pr back-links and traffic to your blog. Blogs/website are in constant competition, battling for the highest position on SERPS. For a site to maintain its position on these SERPs or improve, one has to constantly build back-links to it. You don't need to slow down because your competitors aren't. In order to maintain that Alexa rank, keep or increase your traffic, you need to keep ranking high. With the help of the high pr back-links from directories, this can be achieved. On submitting your site to these free high PR dofollow directory submission sites, you can improve your blog's rank in search engine results.

Below, a list of top 60 High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites 2016 have been given. To promote your blog/site and increase its popularity, register on each of these sites, then leave a link back to your blog, preferably a link to internal pages on your blog instead of a link to your blog's homepage. The link juice passed by these high pr directory sites has SEO benefits because it is dofollow. Overtime, you'll notice meaningful changes in your blog's traffic and the number of backlinks pointing to it.

Check out The Full List Now:

   Site Name                           Page Rank
1Site Promotion        7
2Free PR Directory        7
3ABC Directory        7
4PR Web Directory        7
5The Free Library        7
6ElecDir        7
7AListSites        7
8Canada WebDir        7
9Travel & Tourism        7
10Ehow        6
11HotVsNot        6
12Ezinearticles        6
13Dizila        6
15Scrub The Web        6
16Britain Business        6
17Blog-Directory        6
18Promote Business        6
19USA Listing        6
20Marketing Internet        6
21Article City        5
22Submission Web        5
23Goarticles        5
25Promotion World        5
26Findelio        5
27Conseillemoi        5
28AmenianLinks        5
29Voxcap        5
30Vision IQ        5
31Articlesbase        5
32Articlealley        4
33Articlecube        4
34Articlesnatch        4
35                        LinkTeve         4
36A1Articles        4
37Amazines        4
38Articlebiz        4
39Articlesfactory        4
41Articlepool        4
42Articleslash        4
43Anaximander        4
45Web Directory        4
46The Free Directory        4
47         4
48Selfgrowth        3
49Articletrader        3
50Afroarticles        3
51Articlesphere        3
52Sooperarticles        3
53Bharatbhasha        3
54Artipot        3
55Expertarticles        3
56Uberarticles        3
57Upublish        3
58Articlesbus        3
59Easyarticles        3
60Articledashboard        2
61Article-Buzz        2

Other than using these search engine submission sites listed above, you can also make use of high pr commentluv blogs and high pr social bookmarking sites to promote your blog.

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