Explained: Why Marketing Strategy Is Incomplete Without PPC, SEO & Social Media
Digital Marketing Explained

 Digital marketing has made a niche for itself over the years since the inception of Google and SEO. Social media marketing is certainly not a new concept, and numerous businesses are banking on this kind of marketing strategy for generating leads, sales and of course, awareness. Digital marketing for many is really at a mature phase but measurement of ROI and the outcomes of online marketing is still very much a mystery to a few people who keep asking about the reason to use digital marketing and why is it regarded as the best tactic today.

You must have come across several answers to this particular question and you must have had access to a wealth of information about it in white papers, books, reports and even blog posts. However, you must realize that only one single digital marketing strategy cannot be regarded as the best. Moreover, you simply cannot focus only on one single strategy as then you would be missing out on opportunities for generating business.

If you wish to be a successful digital marketer, it is essential to keep in mind that your focus should be on a combination of marketing tactics and channels for attaining your business objectives. You could easily achieve all your business objectives and goals by combining strategies so that they could work hand in hand supporting one another. Search engine optimization, social media, and paid advertising should be supporting each other rather than live in isolation. An effective combination of these would lead to digital marketing success.

SEO Is Supported by Paid Advertising

With paid advertising and search engine optimization it is basically about rankings for precise key-phrases and specific keywords. It is quite impossible to rank organically with SEO at number one for keywords or key phrases that are relevant in the competitive marketing scenario but you could do so with the help of paid advertising. Paid advertising could be effective in getting you rankings particularly if you are initiating a brand new SEO campaign. It is essential for your AdWords and SEO teams to coordinate and work in unison for ensuring that the pages which are used are actually as relevant as possible. Get in touch with a reputed company specializing in social media marketing Mumbai  for effective SEO solutions.

Social Media Supported by Paid Advertising

With paid advertising tactics and AdWords, you need to do competitor analysis and keyword research. This information is essential for guiding your strategy and identifying the companies to watch out for. This information could be utilized for determining which companies are implementing social media aggressively. You could use this information effectively for checking out the topics being published by them that are gaining the maximum engagement. You must focus on generating relevant content and promoting this content effectively through paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media Is Supported by SEO

The relevant keyword research information obtained by you through your SEO campaign could be utilized for generating social media content which is fulfilling the objectives of your marketing campaign. Create unique and relevant content which is engaging so that there are possibilities of it being shared and even linked that could boost your reach and enhance your organization’s website authority. You could consider publishing this content and promoting through your blog post. You should share the content through your different social media accounts to boost your SEO and social media strategy.


Digital marketing involves marketing your business effectively online for generating leads, sales and of course, awareness. Thanks to a combination of several marketing tactics, you would definitely cut down unnecessary ad spend, accelerate SEO campaign and reach your precise target audience organically across the cyberspace.

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