Google has launched its "Auto Ads" feature for publishers. This Google AdSense Auto Ads is one of the smartest initiative by Google team. I'll tell you how you can add/setup Google Auto Ads to your blogger blog for easy monitization.  

What is Google AdSense Auto Ads?

Google Auto Ads feature was introduced as a method for Google to automatically place ads on your site without you having to do anything but add one piece of code to your page.  

"Add a simple code to your blog and let Google do the rest".
Introducing Google AdSense Auto Ads: How to Add Auto Ads to Blogger
Google Auto Ads feature for bloggers is really cool. This will actually reduce the loading time for blogger blogs and fasten their blog speed and even give them better chances of getting relevant ads on their blogs.

How to Setup Google Auto Ads on Blogger Blog:

In order to add the new Google Auto Ads feature to your blogger blog, please follow the procedures stated below carefully;

Add Auto Ads to Blogger:

  1. Login to your blogger dashboard. 
  2. Select your desired blog you want to add  Google Auto Ads feature
  3. Navigate to the left side of your blog and select Theme > Edit HTML
  4. Press Ctrl + F and type <head> hit the Enter key on your keyboard then
At this point, it is necessary to login to your adsense dashboard.

Click on "Setup Auto Ads". See below pics

Introducing Google AdSense Auto Ads: How to Add Auto Ads to Blogger

Then activate add features listed as shown in the picture below;

Introducing Google AdSense Auto Ads: How to Add Auto Ads to Blogger

Click on Save and then copy your generated Auto Ads code. It is necessary to parse your code using any online tool. 

Switch back to your Blogger's blog and add your parsed code to your blog immediately after the <head> section of your blog. In case you already have your page-level ads code installed on your blog, please replace it with the new code.

Finally, hit the Save button to save your settings.

You're done!.

Wrapping up.
With the introduction of Google Auto Ads feature, webmasters save more time adding alot of codes to their website. It is an Interesting Idea with the Auto Ad placement.

Google says you need to place just one code on your pages and Google will take care of rest. Something like Auto ad placement using the AI power.

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