write search engine friendly blog post title
write search engine friendly blog post title

Hi there, Today I will tell you how to write SEO friendly blog post title. Most of 80% visitor cames from the Search engine by depending on the post title. The title is the topic summary of the article. Content is definitely the king of SEO but post content is followed by the title. If an author is able to write an interesting post title in line with the subject of the post, then I think it would be easy to manage internals SEO for him/her. if you want a good rank about any topic in your blog, there is an important reason behind it. I will share some important things with you for this reason. 

What is the title Optimize?

A beautiful and optimized blog post title is able to attract the attention of any search engine robot. Search engine robots can easily pick up things like good-bad, preferred-disliked things like a human. In this case, if you are writing well about the topic, the search engine robot will choose your content and beautiful title then it will bring to the search results. The following 03 topics will give you clear ideas about the Search Engine Friendly blog post title.

Use the google keyword tool

Always research the Word that you use in the blog. If you Use good quality words will give you good results. if you wanna write an article about America. then you have to research keywords.

 For example.

America, US, and the United States Which of the three words used most? You can use Google Keyword Tool to help you know. You type these 3 words in the Google Keyword Tool, you can easily get the sense of which word is being used more often.

In the figure above, you can clearly see that the word America is 1,000,000 times and the US term is 673,000 times and the United States is used 301,000 times. Here is the most widely used American word last month. So here is the appropriate word for you America. You can always take the help of this Keyword Tool.

Write a title in 66 characters

There are many bloggers and search engine optimizers who have repeatedly written the same word in the blog post titles. As a result, he may not realize that the search engine ignored such a title. Search engines always dominate the title of important words.

So if you use a word repeatedly in the title of the blog, then the search engine title will fall into Confuse and it will be as Spam. Google displays the first 66 characters of the post title and Yahoo 120 characters in their search results. The remaining letters are implicit in the implied state. So the title is better than 66 characters.

Write an attractive title

Before writing about any topic, think carefully that the lesson you are going to post with which topic is easy to read and the reader and search robots can be easily understood. The titles will be created keeping in mind both search robots and readers.

Search robots keywords and short titles and readers prefer attractive titles. The two examples below are clear by making the matter more clear.

There are many unnecessary words in this title above, which would have given a clear idea to everyone by necessary short title. Then see another example below-

The top of the title contains 3 interesting keywords. Search Engine Friendly, BlogandPost Title. It has made it more attractive how to and last (?) question mark Sign.

Results of the above two titles:

Here the title of the first title website has no basis. because this post is only for blogger blogs. When a visitor searches on my blog, the Visitor will not get my post. Then you do not need the word to learn. Without the use of these two words, the meaning of the matter is being understood. Then the first title does not use any type (?) Sign, but the title is in the form of a question. So the second title is the most suitable here.

What needs to be done:

• Use Google Keyword Tool to always select Keywords.
• You Need to check whether the title is correct after writing the title.
• Always try to write a short title with a keyword combination.
• Write titles that combine both search robots and readers, words, and symbols that can draw attention.
• Use the Question Mark and Exclamation Mark as needed at the end of the title.

If you follow this way, It will helpful for your blog.