Earn $25 From Payoneer Refer A Friend" Program
Payoneer is a platform that makes it easy to receive and send money to your relative, friends, co-workers and others both home and abroad.

Along with Payment transferring & receiving, Payoneer also has many other incredible programs such as Referral Program ($25 Bonus Program) & Affiliate Program. In this post, I’m going to discuss & talk about Referral Program that how to get Payoneer $25 bonus free on your first registration if you use our link & how this works.

Payoneer is spending a lot of money on Advertising so like any other company, Payoneer also gives some of its budgets in reward to other Payoneer verified users like me & you for bringing more & new customers to Payoneer through a special deal link & referral link. Such special link helps both the Affiliate person and the one who use the link and sign up with Payoneer.

If you sign up using our link then you will earn up to $25 and we will earn around $25 to $50. This special link don’t charge anything from the one who use the link and sign up with Payoneer.

Payoneer affiliate program is so rich that you can earn a living with depending on your hard work; they pay $25 per referral.

This affiliate program has been rated as one of the best affiliate programs which is currently paying very well and the procedure is not difficult.

There is no stress in Payoneer affiliate, it is very easy, I recommend you have bloggers around you especially the newbies because they will need Payoneer account and also tell some prominent people about Payoneer.

Lets get into business:
1.   Click Here to Sign up with Payoneer, immediately your account is approve, log in to your Payoneer account and check your dashboard you will see a tab REFER A FRIEND then click on it.

2.   After you click on the REFER A FRIEND tab and you will be redirected to a place where you will be given a referral link, then copy the referral link then paste it on your website/blog or on social media for people to click and join Payoneer through your referral link.

3.   When your referral successful register and make a transaction worth $100, you and your referral will automatically receive $25 each.

How To Get Payoneer $25 Bonus?

Upon clicking on our Payoneer $25 bonus link here, you can get a Free verified Payoneer account along with solid $25 bonus in reward for free after you load your account of 1000$. This is our unique bonus link Payoneer has provided to us which will redirect you to the Payoneer sign up page & once your account is approved & you loaded your account of at least $1000 then we both will get $25 bonus ($50).

If you want to earn too then you just need to log into your account and go to the Earn $25 page and share the link to start earning right after successfully approved for Payoneer account & received at least $1000 balance.

How Payoneer $25 Bonus Works?

As we mentioned earlier that some of the budgets Payoneer is giving in reward to those verified users that bring more targeted customers & accounts holders to the Payoneer Platform. Even though at the time, Payoneer invests money in Advertising, too. Every Payoneer account holder has its unique referral link which he can use to promote Payoneer & earn $25 bonus reward for each customer he brings to Payoneer.

Payoneer Referral Program means you bring more customers & accounts holders to Payoneer & then the Company gives you $25 to $50 bonus in reward. Not only your account is loaded with the bonus amount but a user or customer you have referred will also get the $25 bonus reward.
As an Affiliate Marketer, I would suggest you to use Affiliate Program of the Payoneer rather than the Refferal Program because in the Affiliate Program, you can earn up to $50 for each customer you bring to Payoneer while in the Referral Program, you can only earn up to $25.

When Will be Payoneer $25 Bonus Loaded to My Account?

After successfully referring a customer to Payoneer, you will receive an email about the new referral and when the referred customer loads his/her account of at least $1000, you & the referred customer’s account will be loaded with a bonus within 1 to 2 weeks. If you see you have earned a commission then it will take around half or 1 to 2 months in order that commission is funded & loaded to your account. If the mentioned months were passed & yet you didn’t receive the commission then try contacting the Payoneer Support Care and they will better further assist you.

Is now left for you to refer many people and not just many people but the ones who are serious so that you can earn your commission.

Note: If your referral doesn’t make a transaction worth $100 you won’t be credited with your $25 referral reward, the more you refer people the more you get paid.

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