Whogohost: Change Nameservers on Your Domain

In order to add a new Nameservers to your existing domain on Whogohost account, you need to perform the basic steps listed below. 

Change the nameservers for the domain to point to your desired ones and then follow the procedures below;

Whogohost: Change Nameservers on Your Domain.

  1. Login to your Clientarea
  2. Click on Domains->My Domains menu item
  3. Click on Manage Domain beside the domain you would like to work on
  4. Click on the Nameservers tab
  5. Enter your nameservers and choose "Use custom nameservers (enter below)" option
  6. Click on the Change Nameservers button

Note: If your domain name is .ng domain name, you would have to remove the registrar lock before you can change the nameservers of the domain. To do this, click on Registrar Lock on the domain management page and disable the registrar lock.

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