How to prevent Adsense account being banned

The easy way to avoid being banned or disabled google adsense account and long-standingity to keep an AdSense account active.

Generally, some good content and little pageviews are easily approved for an AdSense account, but it is very difficult to retain and earn after approval adsense.
It is difficult to accept a Adsense account as much as it is difficult to protect from having AdSense account being banned.

In most cases, due to the lack of
knowledge of Adsense Publisher Adsense policy, or because of not knowing the proper rules of using Adsense ads, the long-term suffering Google Adsense account has been banned or disabled for a few days.

In the case of using AdSense account, it is difficult to defend independence rather than achieve independence. Because in the case of AdSense approval, a few rules are followed by AdSense, but you have to follow thousands of rules to keep adsense safe or to avoid being banned. If you do not follow these rules correctly, the AdSense Team will prohibit AdSense
account at any time without giving you any notification. That's why it is seen that approval of an AdSense account is as easy to achieve as independence and protecting Adsense account is more difficult than protecting freedom.

In today's post, I will discuss some of the main reasons for being an AdSense Account. Also discuss how to prevent an AdSense account from being banned or disabled. Besides, according to the guidance of Google Adsense, the question based AdSense Account will be able to explain the reasons for being banned and how to protect from being disabled.

Why adsense account is banned?

Before starting the main topic, I am stating that you should avoid all kinds of tricks to
protect yourself from being banned from the AdSense account and you have to follow the full guidelines of Adsense. Because, Google is smart and intelligent now.

Do not do:

A. Click your own ads or ask others for click your ads.
B. duplicate content or create deceptive layouts.
C. Tamper with the adsense code.

Do it:

01. Publish unique content.
02. keep family-safe and legal.
03. Strike a healthy balance between ads and content.

Generally an AdSense account is banned for the following reasons.

1. Invalid Click:
Most of Adsense accounts are Banned or Disabled due to the Invalid Click. Most new AdSense publishers try to increase their income by clicking on their own blog's own ads. In this case many people have been able to change their IP addresses after VPN and click on their ads after a while. Also encourage your friends to click on the blog's ads. I warn you that if you do such a thing, the AdSense account will soon be banned. Because due to the invalid click, thousands of AdSense accounts are being disabled every day.
Also note that any visitor of your blog is constantly clicking on the ad. Because someone may deliberately click on your blog ad for a lot of clicks, your AdSense account may be banned. In some cases, some people do this task to disable adsense violently. As soon as this kind of problem is encountered, the Google Adsense team will be informed by email as soon as possible. Adsense can read your email and justify the account without banning it.

2. Adsense code changes:
The code that Google Adsense offers to show ads can never be changed. Because the Adsense Code is completely counter- productive to change the AdSense code. There are some people who convert the code of Adsense and change the advertising design. You should clearly know that Google will ban your AdSense account at any time if you do such a thing.

3. Invalid Activities:
Another big reason for an illegal account being an AdSense account is illegal activities. There are many things in the Invalid Activities. If you repeatedly visit your blog post, it will also be considered as Invalid Activities. Moreover, if you try to
increase pageview automatically by using any software, it will also be invalid Activities. In addition, increasing the page impression with any type of paid traffic in exchange for money will be considered as Invalid Activities.

4. Using ad in inappropriate places:
To increase the CTR of Adsense,
most Adsense publishers cleverly place the code of the ad in an unsuitable place of content. For example, write ads by download link and click on the top to download or click on the top to download the attractive feature. As a result of this, a reader is badly encouraged by clicking on the ad. The increase in the amount of clicks on adsense. Google Adsense declares this type of work to be completely invalid.

5. Insufficient content:
You must know that the Google Adsense Team has canceled the policy of deciding the number of adsense advertisements since 2018. As a result, you can use as many ads as you want in your blog. In addition, Google Adsense cleans another topic that you use the ads as much as you want, but where the ads are not used in any way, the content is more than that. Due to not understanding this, because of using more ads in less content, many AdSense accounts are banned.

6. Invalid content:
Apart from copyright, there are many more illegal content that Google does not allow for online sharing. If you notice a little better, you will find that there are many great movie sharing sites online which are very popular and there are plenty of visitors to their blogs. But there is no adsense
advertisements on that website. Because these websites share illegally without the permission of the movie's owner. As a result, Google does not allow adsense in these. Using such illegal content on your website after the approval of AdSense, AdSense account may be banned.

7. Copyright Contents:
In most cases, before the approval of Google Adsense, everyone shares a unique article on the blog. However, after the approval of the Adsense, they are not focus of the blog /website content they star thinking becomes more attentive on income rather than the content of the blog. As a result, without having write a unique article self, copying the best content from different blogs and share they're own blog.
As a result of this work, Google Bot easily detects copyrighted content and reports to Adsense.
Besides, if the original owner of the
copyright content can know and if he
complains on Google adsense, then Google may check your site if your content are copyrighted  understand that your Adsense can be banned.

8. Using Others Advertising:
 Google Adsense is not strictly prohibiting advertising as well as other advertisements. But do not do it better, there are some advertising companies that are not fully supportive in their use.
9. Unsupported Language:
Never use adsense in blog or websites that language do not support Google Adsense. Previously when Adsense did not support Bengali Language, AdSense ads were banned due to the use of Adsense on the blog content of many Adsense Publishers. But now Adsense does not have to face problems due to Bengali language. However, the language you are advertising in the blog/website that must be support language on Adsense. You have to check that language are support or not on adsende.
10. Others Reason:
In addition to all the above reasons, you have to be more careful about using Adsense. Without the above reason, your AdSense account may be banned for the following reasons below.
➡️If you use ads on error page.
➡️If you Use ads in a previous banned
➡️If you use popup in Adsense on blog/website.

How to protect AdSense being banned?

For the top 10 main reasons to be banned your AdSense account, you have already understood that what you need to do to protect yourself from being banned an AdSense account. To keep an AdSense account completely secure, there will be more security in addition to the above tasks. You will not be banned from your AdSense account after following all the methods to keep your AdSense account safe.
Now I will discuss questions based on
Google Adsense's instructions that what you have to do to keep your AdSense account completely secure.

Question 1: What do I do if someone clicked deliberately on my blog advertisement?
Answer: You have to research about him/her how to click on your blog's ad or view. for find research, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other media can choose to verify the reason for the invalid click. You have to inform Adsense Team must via AdSense Form They will investigate your case and look into your security issue.

Question 2: Can I block my IP or block somebody's IP for my own pageview counting?
Answer: Google Adsense is still not allowing anyone to block IP. But they say they are working about the matter advice use the adsense publisher toolbar to protect your adsense account from invalid click and invalid  impression.

Question-3: Unfortunately I have already clicked my ad. is there any kind of problem>
answer: Google Adsense says an AdSense publisher has no permission to click on the ads of his blog. If it wrongly happen one-two times, we will look at it another way. But once you click on your ad, it will not be accepted and the AdSense account will be banned.

Question-4: Can I see ads on my blog? Is there any problem?
Answer: AdSense is welcome to you. You must be able to see your blog's advertisement and it will not increase any type of invalid impression. But do not forget to visit your blog without any reason, and do not refresh a page repeatedly. Because of the absence of excessive visits to your blog and increasethe pageview, adsense creates the possibility of a bans.

Question-5: When using Adsense, can I use search box myself?
Answer: Adsense is directly prohibiting that you do not use Google Custom Search Box to find posts on your own blog. But others will not have any problem if they use it.

Question-6: What is meant by Invalid Traffic?

Answer: Clicking on your blog self or visiting unnecessarily or  clicking ad by another and visiting again without any reason or by using a bot and software auto-clicking it is called Invalid Traffic. However, Google says that only illegal traffic is not limited to these. There are many more illegal traffic outside of them.

Question-7:  If my blog get more traffic?
Answer: Adsense says that at any time the traffic of the blog may increase. It is not a problem. However, your adsense's CTR will not look right. There is a possibility of a large increase in CTR. There is no problem with CTR of 15% , you should also check whether your traffic is valid. If everything is okay then there will be no problem if you suddenly increase the visitor.

Advice to keep AdSense account safe:

You already know all the strategies to
protect an AdSense Account from being banned. If an AdSense publisher follows all the above rules correctly, I never feel that the AdSense account will be disabled.

 If you are a WordPress user, you can use AICP Plugin to protect AdSense account from invalid clicm. This pluging will protect your adsense from repeated clicks.

 If you are using a blogger blog / website, then your adsense's CTR will be checked frequently. You can use the AdSense mobile app to check CTR easily and frequently For any reason, if the CTR of your adsense is too high, then remove the ad code from the blog and keep the adsense team informed about it.

If you have any questions then ask me via the comments section! Remember to share this tutorial with others by Social media.