Before Starting a Blogging Career Read this post in detail about differences advantages of Blogger and WordPress. 
The two widely used blogging platforms are "Google Blogger and WordPress". These two platforms have some different advantages and disadvantages. In fact, we all of know that everything There are good and bad. Likewise, there are some different differences between the two uses of "Google Blogger and WordPress". But the problem is that when we want to start blogging, we can not understand which one is suitable for me. In fact, There were no guidelines for getting advice from many people. You have to decide exactly what is appropriate for you. Because this topic will depend entirely on your blogging type. If you're blogging in personally, then it will be a kind of thing. On the other way, if you want to do business blog or professional blogging, then it will be another kind. 

Before selecting blogger or Wordpress you will use, you need to know about two things first. Today I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Blogger and comparisons of Blogger and Wordpress. Before reading today's post, You have to definitely know about this WordPress. You can easily decide the whether of Google Blogger or WordPress, which is perfect for you. 

What is blogger/blogspot?

Blogger is the world-renowned tech giant's own company, blogger is a free blogging platform. By using this platform you can create a personal blog or business blog. If you are proficient in web development, then You can create a website using this platform with Zero cost. 

Difference between Blogger and WordPress:

In This post below, I will highlight a few comparisons between Blogger and WordPress. You can easily understand the difference between Blogger and WordPress.
Note: Here wordpress is meant only for WordPress.Org

Domain Name:-

Google blogger: For Google Blogger, the domain name will be formatted as like If you wish, you can use paid domain name as like or or and many more.
Wordpress: You have to purchase the available domain at your option Ofcourse, you have to buy a custom domain cost of $10/$15.

Storage Space:

Google blogger: You will get 1GB free Storage Space And get more 15GB free Storage Space free for every one gmail account.
Wordpress: You have to buy the storage space as much you need. You can take as much storage space as you want in exchange for money.

Customize themes/template:

Google blogger: You can customize the template any time but you have to know basis Html and CSS knowledge. There is no scope for coding any kind. blogger is a little harder to customize than wordpress.
Wordpress: There is also way to customize the theme and Any kind of coding can be done. You can make all types of web sites by wordpress.

Web Design:

Google blogger: You Can not design any type website using Google blogger. The drag and drop design can be easily changed using Variable.There is no scope to use plugins in Blogger but It is possible to use only a few gadgets. But you can add many features by using HTML and CSS.
Wordpress: You can make any type of website that you want but you have to know development knowledge for develop. This time wordpress is world's number one CMS. A lot of plugins you can be use if you need in Wordpress. You can add different functions as you want and that is need for you. A lot things can be add here by using Html, CSS and many more language.

Google Adsense:

Google blogger: You can use Google Adsense on your blogger blog if you have unique and quality contents. One more thing is that Google Blogger and google adsense is a part of Google company and any kind of ad can be monetized that Google Adsense provides.
Wordpress: You can also Apply Adsense for your wordpress website if you have unique and quality related something. But it is manually feature. In your wordpress website can advertisements that is Adsense provide.

Advantage of Google blogger:

  • Can be used for free of cost.
  • There is no hidden Charge using Google Blogger. Especially easy to write and publish new post.
  • Everyone can make a Google blogger website in few minutes.
  • Whatever, If you have less ideas about web development, then blogger blog Perfect for you. Because blogging can be done without cording knowledge in blogger blog.
  • Its SEO friendly and results is great due to Blogger's own product. Because Google has made it search engine friendly by default.
  • It is possible to design blog templates using variables without much coding knowledge.
  • the load speed is very good on Google Blogger, Because all of blogger content is managed by Google's servers.
  • There is no chance for hack or viruses in blogger.
  • Interestingly, that is Google has also given Google Adsense to your blog by default.

Blogger or Wordpress:

In this case, I have already Discussed that both are blogging platforms is good. If you purchase paid hosting to use WordPress, then It will be a bit more advantage than Blogger. If you are new in blogging and want to start personally blogging, then I say surely Google Blogger is Perfect for you. 
On the other way if you want to business or organization or want professionally blogging, then definitely you need to WordPress.