Why should start on blogger
As a new blogger why should I create blog with Google Blogger/Blogspot at the beginning time?

Well,  In this today's post I will discusse about why should I choose Google Blogger/Blogspot. I will also discuss In addition to the other platforms, comparative advantages of Google Blogger bloI f you are new in blogging platform or  Do not have enough knowledge about web development, then I should say Google blogger/blogspot for your. In this world's recent time 60% blogs are made with WordPress and 15% - 18% blogs made with Google blogger/blogspot blog and The rest of blogs are made with other platforms. So,  Why am I going to sing the Google Blogger? I do not say wordpress is bad because WordPress is a popular blogging platform which has no scope to say bad. Well, I will Try to give a fairly clear idea about that.

Why should I start with Google blogger?

You are all of surely know that Blogger is a Google service. You can create any kind Blog site Without coding knowledge, for create a blogger blog site you just need a
Gmail account. In particular, it is possible to continue blogging with full confidenceb ecause of Google's product. At the beginning of blogging platform. In this post below,  I will Discuss with you in the form of points.

1. Free Hosting:
Google Blogger does not have to pay monthly or yearly charges for use blogs. Without any kind of money, you can run and design all types of HTML, CSS, andJ avaScript.

2. Top Domain Setting:
You can easily setup Top level domain on blogger for $10- $12 Doller and Google Blogger is a very popular blogging platform. Besides, if you want, you will continue blogging without spending any money, even you can continue blogging with Blogspot domain Without any
hosting costs.

3. SEO Support:
At present time, everyone adopts varioust echniques of Google search engine optimization to get traffic from Googles earch engines. Because everyone knowst hat if you can get traffic from Google search engine, nobody can stop the success of the blog. Since Blogger is a service of Google.

4. Google Product:
There are many online-based Google
products which can not be used from allc ountries even if they wanna buy. That means Google does not open all theirp roducts for all countries. Even Google hasm any products that do not have opportunity to buy from different countries in exchange for money. Google Blogger is a product that Google has kept open for all countries. There is no need to worry about service error. Because Google Blogger is directly connected to Google's server.

5. Easy customization of themes:
You are all of surely know that, blogger themes do not have much customization design and Do No need much coding knowledge for modify. Variable code is attached, without any kind of coding skills blog's designs can be changed With the help of the blogger themes. So you can meet the demand of design using any of the preferred themes. Beside, Blogger Team has recently added attractive themes from many great people.

6. User Friendly:
Another important feature of Blogger blog is that, they made it very easy and perfect user friendly  Because of being operated by Google Developer Team. New themes are loaded very well on all types of small devices because of the Responsive Design. Beside This new templates makes it possible to read simple content from all types of mobile phones and tablets.

7. Migrate to WordPress blog:
You can migrate your blog from GoogleB logger to WordPress at any time. If youw ant to take your blog to the professionall evel, you can transfer the blog posts to theW ordpress by purchasing hosting. In
this case, blogger team will not require any permissions or changes to change inW ordpress. You can migrate to WordPress log at any time.

8. Others Subject:

  • You can earn from Adsense.
  • Affiliate marketing can be earned.
  • Google doesn't take from your blog earn (all your own).
  • There is no possibility of hacking blogs.

  • The blog speed is much higher.
  • Different widgets for free.

  • Easy Ranking like paid host.

  • At last I wanna say: You can understand yourself which platform
    is suitable for you From above discussion and analysis. If  you are new then, I would personally advise you to create a blog with a Google blogger. If your blog get popular afterwards and you will be able to change your blog from blogger to wordpress.