Hello Guys, How is everything? I hope you are all of fine for our creator. In my previous post I have already discussed about create a free blogspot blog from Blogger. So, If you do not know how to make a free blogspot blog site then, You should read my previous post.

Today I going to introduce you Blogger Blogspot dashboard. You are all of know that,  every website has admin panel, Site control panel or dashboard. In this today's post iam sure you will understand about blogspot dashboard. There are Ten options in the Dashboard and I will discuss those option step by step.

Introduction of blogspot Dashboard:

01. View Blog: If Click here then, You can directly visit blog.

02. Posts: You can write new post via this option, you can see all of posts that you posted. You can delete any old post or change anything from your post,  you can do it by this function.

03. Stats: Here you can find out more about the traffic of your blog. It's almost like the overview option. However, there are many more views including how many Views, which type of browser, from which country's visitors coming to your blog and which operating system are using for visiting your blog.

04. Comments: How much is commented on a post on your blog, it is used to delete a comment, grant a comment, and delete spam comments from your blog.

05. Earning: If you have unique content and has a great number of visitors, then you can apply Google Adsense. After  Approved Google adsense you can start earn money using Advertising on your blog. In my another post i will discuss the details later.

06. Pages: Here are several different things about blogs. For example, various pages of your blog, about yourself, blog policy, contact page, etc are created.

07. Layout: An important part of Blogger Template is this Layout. It allows you to use different types of gadgets on your blog. It also plays an important role in blog sorting.

08. Theme: This is blogger's soul. Without Theme blog can not be considered. It can be edited to manage the entire work of your blog. All the work that needs to be designed and changed in your blog is to be done by this Theme.

09. Settings: We all understand this simple
word. So, I'm not saying anything that. From here you can do more add and make configuration name, blog description and Add third  party domain address.

10. Reading List: Here you will see their posts which you subscribed. If you do not
subscribe any blog then, Google will show you different blogs post.

11. Help: If you need to contact with Blogger Developer Team for any reason, by clicking help feature, you will be able to communicate and report problems. Google Blogger Team will tell you about the problem solving via email.

I hope you are all now understand about those function. in my next article I will discuss about post like how to write article,  create label name and more so, keep visiting my blog for next post. thanks for having patience for reading my article.