An easy way to create free blog using
Google Blogger BlogSpot blog without knowing HTML and CSS coding.

You may all of know that, The easiest platform for creating someone's personal or business work blog you can use Google Blogger or BlogSpot. If you want to create professional business work website then, I should say choose Self host Wordpress.
Being a Google company, you can continue blogging without any kind of confusion. If you are new to blogging, then start a blog with Google Blogspot blogget and start blogging.

How to create a blog using Blogger?

There will be no trouble for making our free blog site blogger blogspot. If you have a Gmail account then, We can start creating blog on blogger blogspot blog site. Now, Follow the steps below to create a blog site.


  • First go to

  • Then click on create your blog.

  • Then sing in your gmail account that you wanna use for blog.

  • Now write your name that you wanna show on blog post.

  • After write your name press on continue blogger.
    Then you will see like bellow.

    Then again press on create new blog.
    After click you will see like below.

    Tittle: Write your blog title in place of the above title box.

    Address: Enter your blog's address in place of address. It should be completely unique, and different from others. Through this address everyone can find your blog.
    These all images are theme of various designs. From here you can choose any one you like.
    Then click on Create Blog and
    Automatically build your blog.

    After making these steps easier to complete your blog site. Then Visit the name that used for your site. For
    example, I used

    I think, Google Blogger Blogspot can be easily created as a blog, and others platforms can not be easily create a blog. We just need a gmail account for create a free Google blogger blogspot website. Google blogspot and Google blogger is a same company so, do not make confusion while reading that. So if you new to blogging platform then choose Google blogger blogspot.

    I will gradually discuss all the parts of the Google blogger blogspot blog. In my another post.
    Keep visiting my blog for more usefull content.